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Military Wives
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Our Hot Men in Uniform

Renee’s hunky ranger husband Jeremy, is currently
serving in the Army Corps of Engineers.

Happy Housewife Crystal shows off her handsome Airman, SRA Lance Jeans. Lance has been in the Air Force for 6 years and he just re-enlisted for another 6. Crystal and Lance both hail from Texas. They have been married one year and live in Grand Forks, North Dakota on the AFB.

Barbara's handsome husband, Kenny! SGT Smith has served with the Alabama Army National Guard for 17 years. He is currently serving his first deployment in Iraq.
Happy Army Housewife Jess’s hot looking soldier husband, Kell!

Nina's handsome husband! He is currently in the Army and deployed to the middle east.

Happy Housewife Misty lives with family in Ft. Lewis, WA. She proudly shows off her hot hubby, Sgt. Frank Smith.

Nicole’s hottie husband, Dan a U.S Air Force airman.

Tammy’s fine looking CAV soldier, John.

Happy Housewife Ryan’s husband is too cute! He is currently serving in the US Army.

Angel’s sexy sailor husband Eric. Eric is currently as a Corpsman serving in the US   Navy.