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  • Create a financial budget to help you save.

  • Do not use credit cards.

  • Stop purchasing frivolous, impulse items.

  • Don’t buy anything just because it is on sale.

  • Occasionally buy generic or non-name brand merchandise.

  • Don’t eat out as much as you’d like to.

  • Do more activities at home. (you wont be out spending!)

  • Invest the money you save so that it earns money too.

  • Stay busy – you have less time to spend money.

  • Stop smoking.

  • Don’t try to compete with your friends and neighbors.

  •  Shop for clothes at thrift shops (especially for kids).

  •  Pay bills online. Its safe and I save $50 a year on stamps.

  •  Learn to refinish furniture or decorate with paint

  • Buy a bread maker and make your own bread. Healthier & cheaper than $2.00 a loaf!

  • Cancel magazine subscriptions. Read them at the library instead.

  •  Check out library books instead of buying them.

  • If you wash your hair every day you don’t need to lather twice. Saves shampoo!

  • Buy only clothing not requiring dry cleaning.

  • Get 3-6 quotes anytime shopping for item over $100.

  • Shop tax-free at your local Exchange and don’t forget that they price match!

  • Stay stylish by buying basic solid tees and skirts & then adding trendy accessories.

  •  Recycle plastic bags you receive at the grocery store for trash.

  • Buy fruits and vegetables in season. They are less expensive and taste better.

  • Shop your local commissary – you could save over hundreds a year!