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Take advantage of the benefits of shopping at your local post or base exchange.



Many people don’t realize that the Exchange stores offer a price matching program, which also includes “warehouse club” prices.  Be sure to check sales flyers to compare prices. Review the newspaper advertisements and your catalogs to stay informed about varying prices at different stores.   Last year, we saved hundreds of dollars  at our Exchange during the holiday season using the price matching program.

 On average, a  customer at the BX/PX/NEX saves 17 to 20 percent more on purchases over civilian retailers. That savings does not factor in the exclusion of sales tax!  Also, unlike the commissary, there is no surcharge on exchange purchases.

However, if you don’t have access to an exchange or prefer to shop off post/base, remember that your military ID can save you a lot of money. There are many and varied  discounts  available to military personnel and their families.

Always call your local vendors to be sure they participate in the program. Also, never be afraid to ask a store if they offer a military discount, even if one is not advertised. You may be pleasantly surprised. I’ve found that a lot of “mom and pop” type businesses in our local community are very patriotic and happily offer at least a 10% discount.