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I hear wives complaining all the time about how little their husbands earn, compared to their civilian counterparts. I gripe too. I believe our troops deserve better pay. However, you need to look past the LES and take into consideration the total value of the military compensation package. We do get a lot of non-cash perks like FREE health care, FREE legal services, FREE financial counseling services, and FREE special needs services. We also get great tax breaks. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the average active duty service member receives a compensations package worth almost $100,000! Take advantage of the benefits, they add up fast! Click here to learn more.

A military paycheck can be hard to decipher. Do you know how to read your husband’s Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)? Learn how here.

Military Pay Charts

You can find your husbands pay grade based on years of service.This is an easy to read pay chart for military members of every rank. Find your husbands pay grade based on years of service here.

Do you know about the military Thrift Savings Program? It’s comparable to a 401k. Learn how you can invest in your future.

If you’re experiencing a personal financial hardship, these relief funds may be able to assist you:

Air Force: Air Force Aid Society
Army: Army Emergency Relief Fund
Coast Guard: Coast Guard Mutual Assistance
Navy & Marines: Navy & Marine Corp Relief Society