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There are many and varied forms of support programs available to military families. Most of these services are available at the click of a mouse. I’ve spent a lot of time researching them and have narrowed the vast pool of resources down to the 10 most comprehensive and helpful.

I highly encourage you to explore these links and familiarize yourself with the programs. Knowledge is power! You never know when you made need to seek assistance from one of these organizations. It’s also valuable information to pass along to other military friends and family members.

1) Military Installations & Directory of Family and Support Services

2) The National Military Family Association: The Voice for Military Families

3) Military One Source

4) Supporting Our Troops by Helping the Families

5) America Supports You!

6) The Military Family Network

7) Military Spouse Resource Center

8) Community of Military Wives and Woman in Uniform

9) Department of Defense Support for Troops and Families

10) Military Healthcare Management